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Estate planning can be confusing and hard to understand.  How do you plan for the passing on of your life’s work?  What’s the process our estate will go through when we pass on?  With advanced planning we can help you determine what happens instead of the courts!

MN Estate Services provides essential, vital and comprehensive estate planning services for our clients across MN, ND and SD.  We make a complicated process simple so you can understand in simple terms what happens when that time comes. 

We specialize in estate planning with the use of Revocable Living Trusts as an estate planning tool.  All legal questions regarding your estate will be answered by consulting with an attorney.  If you do not have an attorney, we can recommend one that will work on a flat fee in setting up the legal portion of your estate plan. 

Rock Solid Legal Foundation

Legal Service & Estate
Planning Documents

As a client of MN Estate Services, if you choose to work with one of our recommended attorneys or you can use your own attorney, you will consult directly with them and they will evaluate your situation and provide an analysis of your estate needs. As part of your analysis, your estate planning attorney will help you decide which legal foundation would be best suited regarding your situation for your estate. If you choose to work with one of our recommended attorneys, MN Estate Services clients enjoy a flat fee for the legal work and lifetime consultations with an attorney with a reduced fee for any legal changes to your documents. The first year after setup of your trust, most legal changes to your estate documents are at no charge.

Your Document Package Includes:

Directive of Guardianship
Provisions for Minors
Durable Power of Attorney
Provision for Handicapped
Health Care Power of Attorney
Spendthrift Provision
Living Will/Medical Directive
Identify Separate Property
Pour Over Will with Trust
Deed Preparation
Successor Trustee Authority
Distribution Instructions

Personal Asset Retitlement

Get it together. Hold it Together.
Keep it Together!

Asset retitlement, funding your trust, is a tedious task but vitally important! That is why we take the time to personally help you retitle assets so they are not omitted from your trust. Being omitted from your trust simply means that the asset is still in your name and is then subject to Probate Court, Public Record, family contestability issues and it can wind up being a mess! This is why your annual funding reviews are so vitally important. We meet with you annually until settlement of your estate to make sure your trust is up to date. We are unique in this industry because we do this all for a one time flat fee! Our mission is to serve our clients by making a complicated process simple and easy to understand.

Partial List of Assets May Include:

Home/Land CD's Rental Property Brokerage Accounts
Time Shares
Mineral Rights
Pension Plans
Checking/Savings Accounts
Credit Union Accounts
Life Insurance
Mutual Funds
Money Market
Personal Property